Enhanced shea butter, and organic hemp seed oil infused with healing herbs of Calendula, St Johns Wort and Rosemary makes this salve rich in natural fatty acids, antibacterial, antimicrobial and antifungal properties, promoting new tissue formation, and accelerating healing and the growth of healthy skin, helps fade stretch marks, helps improve the appearance of scars, aids in the healing of minor cuts, burns, rashes, acne, eczema, rosacea and other skin conditions.


  • Organic Hemp Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Beeswax, Vitamin E, Rosemary Extract, Organic Calendula Extract, Organic St John's Wort Extract

    2.5 oz

  • Hemp Oil: The abundance of fatty acids may make the oil an excellent choice for nourishing the skin and protecting it from inflammation, oxidation, and other causes of aging, strengthens the skin and makes it better able to resist infection. Hemp seed oil may be a helpful treatment for a range of skin issues, including:eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, acne and rosacea.


    Calendula: antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties that might make it useful in healing wounds, soothing eczema, and relieving diaper rash. It's also used as an antiseptic.


    St Johns Wort: Eczema, wounds, minor burns, hemorrhoids. St. John's wort has antibacterial properties and may also help fight inflammation. Applied topically (to the skin), it may relieve symptoms associated with minor wounds and skin irritation. for the topical treatment of superficial wounds, scars and burns. 


    Tamanu Oil: We use pure, virgin Tamanu oil, not an extract. This oil is unrefined, has not been bleached or deodorized and retains its natural scent, color, and nutritional benefits. Benefits skin renewal.

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