Enjoy the benefits of pure essential oils in ready-to-use roll-on applications. Our aromatherapy roll-ons are hands down the easiest and most effective safe way to apply essential oils for your family and a natural and useful aromatherapy solution you can take anywhere! Ready to roll!

Try them all!


Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Peppermint, Tea Tree, Lemongrass, Lavender, Swet Orange, Clary Sage


Ready- to- use, 100% pure essential oils

Pre-mixed in Sunflower Oil Base

Choose a blend that fits your need

Easy to apply directly on skin (no dilution necessary)
No synthetic ingredients


  • Lemongrass: Apply our Lemnongrass and sunflower blend as a detoxifier with its bright, energizing scent making it an irresistible mood-booster.


    Peppermint: Apply our peppermint and sunflower oil blend on the neck, temples, and wrists as a soothing functional fragrance.


    Lavender: Apply our lavender and sunflower oil blend to ease anxiety and bring on calmness and balance.


    Eucalyptus: Apply our eucalyptus and sunflower blend on your chest and/or around your nostrils to open breathing passages.


    Tea Tree: Apply our tea tree and sunflower oil blend as a spot treatment on problem skin.


    Citrus: Apply our swet orange and sunflower blend to lift the mood and bring on cheerfulness.

  • Topically applied essential oils work best on pulse points – areas of your body where your blood vessels are close to the skin.  This allows your body to absorb some of the beneficial components of the oils in a safe, natural way through the skin. 

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