Hydrosol mists are the new facial toner. They are a refreshing facial tonic and make a nourishing and healing skin toner. Hydrosols are by products of essential oils, in a milder form, and have many roles on the skin, depending which hydrosol is used.

These moisturizing droplets help boost skin's radiance by helping skin to fully absorb skincare ingredients. Not Only does a toner allow ingredients to fully penetrate the skin, but it also removes residue that may have been left behind by your cleanser. It is the first step in moisturizing your skin, while shielding against bacteria, and normalizing pH levels in the skin.

Not all flower waters are created equal, so be aware of toners that include alcohol in their ingredient list; alcohol is drying to the skin and can actually make skin feel tight – a sign your skin is too dry.

RAD Bath + Body Hydrosol Toners are an alcohol and astringent-free formula. Made from natural organic botanicals. Our hrdrosols prepare the skin to receive corrective actives in our products. It also adjusts the skin to ideal pH levels while hydrating the skin.

Using a toner correctly is key. When washing your face, it is important to remember that hot water dries out the skin. Use lukewarm temperature water for the best results, and immediately apply toner while the skin is still wet. This will provide the best results for moisturizing the skin and will help to clear out sebum and dirt from your pores with a protective barrier. Apply face serum while toner is still damp allowing the oils to penetrate the skin.

This fall and winter, remember the benefit of using a toner; your dry skin’s best friend! It will leave your facial skin feeling clean, refreshed, moisturized, and healthy.

Hydrated skin is beautiful skin!

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