HOW TO: Mask Exfoliate

RAD Concentrated Clay Masks feature organic Rhassoul and kaolin clay with added skin nourishing botanicals, and herbal powders for healthy, natural skin care.

Our face mask exfoliates are concentrated powdered clay masks so you can create your own facial skin care treatment at home by hydrating the masks with water or any wetting agent like aloe, hydrosol, fruit puree, wine, beer, milk, essential oils and so many other options for a truly customized facial experience!

Our masks are 100% natural and because they are made with concentrated dry ingredients there is no need for preservatives!

APPLYING THE MASK Always start by washing your face and neck with a good cleanser, then lightly pat the skin dry. Mix up 2-3 teaspoons of concentrated mask with 1-2 Tablespoons liquid of your choice in a small bowl to a thick paste. Now apply the mask with a brush in a thick layer, leaving the area around your eyes and lips free. If you don't have a mask brush use your clean hands.

LET IT WORK Let the mask sit about 10-15 minutes. Ideally, lie down and relax. The mask will form a semi-clear 'film' and start to feel taut as it dries, but if you have applied a thick enough layer, it should stay relatively soft and pliable.

REMOVING THE MASK Wet a face cloth with warm water and place it over your face to carefully soften and remove the mask. Rinse and repeat until the mask is completely gone. Pat your face dry and apply our Rose or Neroli Hydrosol Face Mist and finish with a light application of our Face Serum.

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