Many things, including environment and diet, play a role in how quickly your skin ages. You probably already know that sugar is bad for your heart and your waistline, but it can also take a toll on the appearance of your skin. Although you don't have any control over getting older, you do have the power to reduce your sugar intake -- a change that can have benefits for your complexion and boost the health of your skin.

Too much sugar can cause the springy, elastic collagen fibers in our skin to become rigid and inflexible through a process known as glycation. Aside from increasing the effects of aging, glycation can also exacerbate skin conditions like acne and rosacea and dehydrate the cells causing puffiness, dull skin and those terrible circles under the eyes. Sugar also increases the levels of insulin, making the face appear washed-out and sallow leaving eyebrows looking wispy and fine.

If you suffer from rashes or are prone to yeast imbalances in the body, it could be because you are eating too much sugar. Rashes can be a sign of yeast imbalance, and redness occurs mainly from inflammation. Sugar can inflame and create a toxic state in the stomach affecting the balance of bacteria in the gut, which can lead to breakouts on the face, shoulders and chest. Anytime a food doesn’t digest well, it will most likely show up through your skin because the skin is a reflection of the gut. Eliminating sugar usually leads to a better functioning digestive tract, along with less food cravings, which ultimately leads to better skin conditions.

We are able to see the symptoms of sugar intake on the skin in a specific pattern. Sugar can create lines and wrinkles on the forehead, sagging under the eyes, gaunt look to the face, painful pustular spots all over the face, thinning of the skin, a grey/pasty white hue to the skin.

Sugar is in virtually every meal we consume, so cutting out additional sugar such as in cakes, fruit juices and processed food, will have an amazing effect on the skin. Even just cutting your sugar intake in half will help improve your complexion. Gradually weaning off of processed sugar and drinking plenty of water are very helpful ways in achieving a healthy lifestyle and glowing skin!


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