As the temperatures continually rise with the upcoming arrival of summertime, our skin’s exposure to the sun intensifies take extra special care of your skin in the next few months and don't forget your sunscreen. Here are some summertime skin care tips to help you prettify your skin.

1. EXFOLIATE GENTLY. Get rid of any leftover skin issues from winter. One of the most common problems is that of dryness, which can easily be remedied with exfoliation. If you don’t exfoliate your skin regularly, the skin cells that die accumulate on the surface of your skin, causing skin to look dry and dull. You can achieve skin that glows by exfoliating two to three times every week. Use a natural gentle exfoliating scrub for your springtime skin care routine that’s healthy for your skin.

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2. CLEANSE DAILY. A change in weather and sweating can result in a greater risk of breakouts from bacteria that get into your pores. Make sure skin is cleansed twice daily to get rid of any impurities, sweat, and dirt that may irritate your skin. Wash your face with lukewarm water that’s gentle on skin (avoid cold or hot water as they can be too harsh), use circular motions when applying the cleansing product to your face. You want to pay more attention to areas that are prone to producing more oil. These include your hairline, forehead, and chin. Don’t wash the cleanser off too quickly – give it a chance to eliminate impurities by rubbing it in for about a minute. Avoid cleansers that contain irritating ingredients such as alcohol, as these can be drying to skin. Stick to natural ingredients.

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4. EMBRACE YOUR TONER. Use a toner as a final cleanse to wish away dirt and oil you may have left behind. Don't forget a fresh spritz of toner to keep sweat and oil at bay. Hydrosols are the essence of the flower or herb and do not contain alcohol or fragrance that can dry and irritate skin, so spritz away and refresh your skin throughout the day with an all natural refreshing hydrosol toner.

Recommendations: R.A.D Bath + Body Hydrosol Face Mist

3. KEEP IT LIGHT. Always finish the cleansing step with a light moisturizer to make skin wonderfully smooth. Winter moisturizers may feel thick and heavy during the Summer months so you may consider transitioning to a lighter face oil. Apply face oil after cleansing your face, it’s always a good idea to do so when your skin is still a little damp. This enables the product to be absorbed lock in moisture.

Recommendations: R.A.D Bath + Body Facial Oil

Summer skin care is all about achieving fresh-faced beauty and soft, youthful skin. Follow the above tips to achieve glorious skin this season!

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