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RAD Mask Exfoliate has 3 distinct uses: it acts as a gentle daily microdermabrasive, a natural nutrient-rich face cleanser and when used as a face mask, a deep detoxifying treatment.

Prepare/Use as a cleanser or exfoliate

Take approximately 1 teaspoon of powder in a bowl or in the palm of your hand, and mix with a few drops of water to make a smooth paste. There is more control when mixed in a bowl rather than the palm, the image below shows the approximate consistency you are after. It should be a smooth paste, runny enough to flow smoothly over the skin as you massage, yet not so runny that it drips through your fingers when you try to pick it up. Practice!

Massage the paste gently over the face and neck in smooth circular motions, it will be creamy and smooth. Pay particular attention to the T- zone area if that area tends to be oily. The aim of the treatment is to remove the superficial layer of dead cells and other debris. As this is a once or twice daily treatment, a very gentle massage is all that is required to keep the skin clean and fresh. Rinse with liberal amounts of water, and follow with our toner and face serum for a complete face regime. Some of the ingredients in this product are very fine, so it is important to ensure all traces are removed.

Using as a Face Mask…

When used as a face mask, this product provides a more intense detoxifying treatment, gently drawing out more deep-seated debris. When used as a mask, Face Cleansing Powder should be applied exactly as above, but left on the skin until dry, or until the skin begins to feel taut, usually around 8 minutes. For a longer treatment, simply freshen the mask by spraying with one of our hydrosols. To remove the mask, first wet the mask until it rehydrates completely before attempting to remove it – this will prevent dragging and irritating the skin. Once it is fully rehydrated, rinse away completely using plenty of warm water.

Using as a Spot Treatment…

Many of our customers find this Powder effective for spot treatment of pimples – make a tiny amount of thick paste, and apply gently to affected areas, leaving on overnight if possible. The clay, coconut flour and oatmeal paste will draw oils and waste products from the pimple and help reduce the bacterial load.

Follow up with RAD Face Toner and Serum for intense moisture.

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