As somebody with sensitive skin and allergies, I like skincare that comes with a short ingredient list which generally means less chance of a skin reaction, so it's no surprise that RAD body scrubs follow in suit with our no-frills skincare philosophy. We feel using quality ingredients that are effective and beneficial to your skin is the best way to reveal that less truly is more when it comes to quality skincare. All of our body scrubs are outstanding performers in the bath, leaving skin feeling soft and moisturized. Our body scrubs perform best when used on damp skin, gently rubbed all over the body in a circular motion rinsing away the crocodile winter skin without leaving an oil slick on your skin or in your tub. No need for a moisturizer after showering and you'll instantly feel and see the difference in your skin. No outrageous claims or ‘magic’ ingredients RAD Body Scrubs just work, and are a definite treat for the skin. Sometimes, it is not the ingredients you add to a product but rather the ingredients you leave out that makes it awesome. Yes, less can be more.

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