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rad bath+body is a small-batch skin care company with a focus on creating purely plant-based natural skin care, free of toxins and synthetic compounds. Our journey began as a natural alternative for my family's sensitive skin. As a nurse practitioner, my background in complimentary and alternative medicine provided an understanding of the power behind herbs, plants and their relation to our skin. I developed a back-to-basics line of plant-based skin care and artisan soap, that allow the skin to breathe and repair on its own. Our products can be used on the most sensitive of skin and designed for those seeking an effective, natural skincare routine to balance, repair, nourish, and protect their skin. We offer premium organic, naturally-derived ingredients, safe formulas with simple application. The products truly speak for themselves. 






All of our hand-poured products are made using only the finest naturally derived, organic, wildharvested and non-GMO ingredients. Our oil-based system harnesses plant and essential oils to gently and safely nourish the skin. The products do not have added water to ensure you’re only getting the ingredients that matter in a concentrated and effective state. 
We choose to formulate without parabens as we stay away from ingredients that are linked to harmful diseases or are known to disrupt our body’s natural processes. Our plant-based formulas are clean, simple, and restorative: each ingredient is carefully selected for its therapeutic purpose for the skin. Using pure sustainable ingredients we have created a line of clean, multi-functional, plant-based skin care for your skin.




We believe less is more when it comes to taking care of your skin. Fair pricing, fewer products - minimal ingredients - creates a simpler, more effective routine. Everyone benefits from gentle skin care so our products are designed for men and women and children of all skin types. Just cleanse and hydrate - no need for complication. Our multifunctional products have you covered, they simplify daily rituals while also minimizing countertop clutter and require less consumption and waste. Our products are made in the USA and all ingredients are from sustainable resources. Our packaging is kept to a minimum, is BPA free and recyclable or reusable. Be kind to the Planet.

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