Enjoy a complete facial care collection of travel friendly toiletries to cleanse, moisturize and nourish your skin.

Our skincare sets are great for travel or as a try-it kit and the bottles are refillable.


Each five Piece Traveler Kit includes:   1 oz. Face Cleanser, + 1 oz. Hydrosol Toner, + .5 oz. Oil Serum

 1 oz. Moisturizer  + 1 oz. Mask/Exfoliate 



Sensitive skin is typically a thin or a fine-textured skin. It usually reacts quickly to temperature changes from heat, cold or wind and may be easily irritated, red, rashy, blotchy or prone to allergic reactions. It requires extra gentle care + mild products formulated to help calm and soothe skin. Sensitive skin can fall into the normal, oily, dry, or combination categories.



Creamy Face Cleanser  2oz.

Cleanse your skin gently and effectively without harsh chemicals. Gentle everyday use leaves your skin fresh and balanced. Fragrance free. 


Rose Hydrosol Toner  1oz.

Rose hydrosol is balancing, soothing, normalizing, gently clarifying, calming, and relaxing for the skin.


Face Serum  .5 oz

Organic fragrance-free serum formulated for sensitive skin with gentle plant oils loaded with antioxidant and vitamins for healthy glowing skin. 


Mask/Exfoliate:  1oz

Rose Kaolin Mask is a conditioning mask high in vitamin C that is essential for skin health and function, made to soothe sensitive reactive skin, inflammation, eczema + psoriasis. 








Oily/Combination skin is defined by an oily T-section (forehead, nose and chin) and requires specific care to address blemishes, blackheads and an oily appearance. Careful cleansing and refining of oilier parts of the skin is required, while being mindful of maintaining the moisture levels required on the less oily areas of the face.



Activated Charcoal or Rhassoul Complexion Bar:  2.5oz

Rhassoul and Activated Charcoal are natural mineral products with sebum reducing and gentle exfoliating properties. Improves skin clarity and texture. 


Neroli Hydrosol Toner:    1oz

Neroli has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties making it ideal to help tone + tighten + balance oily + blemished skin.

Blemish Support Serum   .5oz

Penetrating oil reduces oily congested skin, and acne with natural antiseptic qualities. 


Mask/Exfoliate:    1oz

Kaolin mask saturates skin with antioxidants that help repair + protect the skin. Draws out toxins, shrinks pores, prevents breakouts leaving your skin soft + smooth.





Dry skin is typically thin, dull and often flaky with fine lines. Sebum deficient and poorly protected, your skintends to dehydrate and become fragile. This type of skin is often the result of the aging process as the ability to retain moisture is diminished. Environmental factors such as exposure to the sun, wind and cold weather climates may exacerbate dry skin as well.



Rosemary Thyme Cleansing Oil:  1oz

Gently cleanse your face and remove makeup with this mild, non-drying deep moisturizing oil.


Rose Hydrosol Toner: 1oz

Rose water is filled with anti-oxidants and various vitamins, to help prevent the signs of aging and nourish the skin. 


Face Moisturizer:  1oz

Packed with herbs, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and more, to soothe, hydrate, protect, regenerate, and renew skin—making it great for anti-aging and dry skin.


Mask/Exfoliate:  1oz

Rose Kaolin Mask restructures + revitalizes the skin. Twice per week, apply this hydrating + moisturizing mask/exfoliate to remove dry flakes + revive skin.

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